What is the role of a credit broker?

As in the field of finance or insurance, the purchase of credits is a sector that offers many online research. Among them, that of the best broker possible, but still it is necessary to know to identify it and to know on which criteria to be based. But before that it is important to know his role well and how he will take charge of a file for the success of the project.

Search criteria to find a broker

Search criteria to find a broker

There is a multitude of credit redemption brokers on the internet, but before putting them in competition you have to lay down some basic rules. The first is certainly experience, is he sufficiently experienced in credit redemption ? The second important thing is to have a view on its partners and to check if the broker has accreditation directly from all banks specialized in credit redemption. As a reminder, Acia is a unique register of insurance, banking and financial intermediaries, protecting consumers while reducing the risk of fraud. The broker may also subcontract his files via a platform.

Also check if the broker has the approval of the professional association of the Association bank. This criterion is essential and gives it all its credibility. The insurances it has are also very important, is it covered in case of litigation and does it have the Professional Liability Professional Insurance Broker cover?

The geographical situation is also a criterion to which one must pay attention. It is better to favor an address near the banks than someone who only has a post office box. In the same vein, is its social capital important to give it a solid margin of maneuver? The broker’s website must be an important and precise source of information on the pooling of credits.

Finally, the selection of a broker to carry out a project of redemption of credits also depends on its availability. Someone who is accessible and who responds without waiting as soon as he is asked is certainly to prevail on a broker who takes two days to answer any question.

The role of the credit buyback broker

The role of the credit buyback broker

The broker is an accompanist for the success of a financing project, but he is above all an expert. First of all, an expert in the mounting of the loan repurchase case, then in a second time in obtaining a contract at the best rate and the best conditions. For this, his expertise must allow him to master perfectly all banking techniques.

His essential role is also that of a negotiator, that is to say, he has an increased knowledge of the credit buyback market through a solid and solid experience. The operations of repurchase of credits are sometimes very complex, it is necessary to intervene with banks and credit organizations. The broker is there to guarantee the quality of its interventions in order to arrive at the best possible file management. The goal is of course to transform a simulation into real offer at the best rate and most advantageous conditions.

The time saved by the broker is undeniable, since it is he who takes care of everything, from the beginning, that is to say, the orientation of the file, at the end that is to say the signature the loan buyback agreement. He will be in charge of comparing the offers but also to negotiate the different costs and insurance. This support throughout the various approaches is based on a knowledge of the techniques of the field of the purchase of credits and especially a perfect mastery of financing solutions.

In case of refusal, the file may be represented later, once a certain period has passed. Here again, an experienced broker will ensure that the financing plan is the best suited to repayment capabilities, so that the file is finally accepted by a banking partner.

Choose your broker

Choose your broker

To make the best choice in front of the impressive panoply of solicitations, the essential point is the efficiency with which the broker will play its role. A first phone call following an online simulation is always a good introduction. It will provide an update on the situation as professional as family and of course financial. Because the understanding of the latter and the available budget is the element that will allow the broker to evaluate the possibilities of success of a request for redemption of credits. The more objective the broker is, the more reassuring he will be and will be able to establish a relationship of trust. His role is primarily to defend the interests of his client, he will have all the assets to best submit the case with the various specialized banks he will go to solicit.

The geographical area covered by the broker of redemption of credits is an element which has all its importance. If this one intervenes in all the Hexagon, it will be more able to know the strong points of the market. An intervention in the regions only makes it possible to define the local market, but for the evaluation of the value of a property, a national knowledge is more effective. The file will be more easily defendable because ultimately it is housing that will serve as a basis for calculating the mortgage ratio. At the level of the banks, being able to present a demand to the national but also regional banks is obviously a plus because the panel of establishments is then much broader.

The broker’s experience in the field of credit redemption is an important asset. This is indeed a real job that also requires approval as already mentioned above. The more important the practice, the greater the chances of success, accompanied by experienced experts and collaborators constantly trained in the new requirements and standards of credit.

The variety of offers offered is also an element of choice of the broker. The more this one will be able to compare the different propositions, the more it will be able to draw the best benefit from it because it is sometimes of meticulous calculations. Even a small difference in interest rates can result in much larger capital to be repaid. The broker, a true master of the game will make a point of honor to leave nothing to chance and dwell on every detail of the offer. Getting the best rate and the best insurance are his challenges first and foremost. A loan buyback is an important moment for a borrower who comes out of a difficult financial situation and enters a new period of indebtedness.

The rate obtained is of course an essential element of the process, and the broker must be serious and transparent. Do not hesitate to ask all possible questions, knowing that an effective broker is the one who is ahead of the questions of these customers.

Today, using an internet broker is a reliable and secure step. Above all, it allows everything to be done remotely which avoids travel and visits either at home or at the agency of the professional. And especially distance is not an obstacle and the broker can be anywhere in France.

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