Enhanced (Improved Total Temporary Disability) is a guarantee for insured persons who can not take out job loss insurance due to their professional status at the time of application (civil servants, non-salaried workers ).

In the case where the insured of a work stoppage that covers the grace period of 3 months (90 days), he can receive compensation from the 31st day of a work stoppage.

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The enhanced known as is a guarantee providing coverage for any medically recognized disability that places the insured person in a state of complete disability and continues to pursue any professional activity that may result in an accident or illness. of the gain. The payment of monthly installments by the ITAM guarantee usually starts from the 91st day. The insurance company takes care of your credit in case you find yourself disabled or if you are no longer able to work temporarily. There is a grace period of generally 90 days applied before the guarantee is implemented. Depending on the contract, the franchise can also be 60, 90 or 180 days.

For the guarantee, the method of compensation may be either indemnity or lump sum.

Compensation consists of the assumption of a loss of salary following a work stoppage. If the insured sees his salary maintained, he does not receive compensation or it is partial: the amount of compensation depends on the loss of income. This is the most common form of compensation found in bank group insurance contracts.

A lump sum compensation consists, in turn, of taking over the monthly payment of credit following a work stoppage. This method of indemnification allows the insured to be compensated according to the amount defined in the contract, whether or not he has a loss of income.

The word of the broker

The word of the broker

Regardless of the method of compensation offered by the contract, coverage is subject to a grace period of generally 90 days and the insured portion, which is the guaranteed capital percentage for the insured.