Immediate payday loans and no paperwork

If being in a delicate economic position is assaulted by a financial event that requires a quick response, contracting payday loans that you can pay back in installments; may be the best solution you have at your fingertips. The mini immediate credits give you the possibility to acquire up to 1,000 euros with a process that you can perform 100% online, without complications and without paperwork.
All that an immediate mini credit can offer us

An immediate payday loan via & is a low-value loan that is granted virtually instantaneously. In a matter of a few minutes, we will know if our application has been pre-approved or not and within a period of between ten minutes and 48 hours (there are several factors that can influence the waiting time) we will transfer the money to our checking account. The reasons for this high speed of concession are very simple:
• To ask for these immediate mini loans, you just have to send documentation and the companies that offer them have more lax risk criteria than the banks, so they do not need so much time to analyze the requests.
• In addition, thanks to fintech (technology applied to finance) many financial entities have included services such as Pich or Instantor, through which they can access our mobile banking and check our data automatically, without having to send them our documents. So the study time of our profile is very short.
Normally, lenders specializing in the granting of mini credits instantly allow customers who have already returned a loan in advance to request more money than new customers. In addition, as they have already studied the case, they also usually ask for less documentation.
How much quick money do microcredit offer now?
The maximum amount that we can access with an immediate mini credit will depend on each company and our profile as customers. In addition, there are many companies that, based on the number of urgent loans that we have requested previously, we can request larger amounts.
• If it is the first time with a specific lender: in most cases, we will not be able to access more than 300 euros if we are new clients. However, there are entities (few) that lend more money to customers who hire their mini-credits for the first time. We can find companies that offer new customers up to 1,000 euros.
• If we have already contracted microcredits with that company: if we have already gone before to the mini-credit company, the application procedure will be faster, because the company will already know who we are. On the other hand, if we have already requested minicréditos in advance in a lender, this will allow us to request more money than in our first application, although they will never be greater than 1,000 or 1,200 euros.
The price of the immediate mini-credits

An immediate mini credit is one of the most expensive market financial products that exist. Unlike others, their interest is daily and is usually around 1.1 %. So, if we request 100 euros and we must return it in 30 days, we will have to pay, as a general rule, 33 euros in interest. Therefore, we would have to reimburse 133 euros. That is why the APR of the mini credits is very high, but better to look at the daily interest to compare.
Anyway, the price that is applied to our mini loan will depend on the lender we choose, although the most common is that on the company’s website we find a simulator that tells us how much we will have to pay for the mini-credit. In addition, it is very unlikely that an entity will charge us for study or opening fees. In any case, all costs must be marked in the contract.
There are free mini credits or discounts
The high competition in the market has caused that the need to win new clients leads the lenders to offer us their free mini loans. In order for any financing to be totally free, it must be at 0% APR and these mini loans are.
Companies offer this financing at no cost only to new customers, as it is a way to increase their consumer portfolio. We can take advantage of these promotions, because once the term of the mini-credit is finished we will have to return the amount granted, without interest. If, for example, they granted us 100 euros, at the end of the contract we return 100 euros and nothing more.
For customers already, we may find loyalty plans with which we can get more money, longer terms and lower interest rates. Depending on the company of immediate mini-credits, the loyalty plan will be one way or another.
The reimbursement of my immediate credit
The repayment term of an immediate mini loan can vary depending on the conditions established by each company, but the most common is that it does not exceed 30 days. However, some companies offer a somewhat longer term, of about 40 days or more. Remember that the average interest rate on these urgent loans is 1.1% per day, so the sooner we return the borrowed money, the fewer fees we will pay. To reimburse the immediate mini-credits, the entities put at our disposal different methods of payment so that we can use the one that best suits us:
Payment by bank transfer
It is the most common option when we request quick money. The financing companies will send us the IBAN code of the account or accounts to which we can send the money via transfer. We will have to write down in the concept of the transfer the information that the entity tells us so that it recognizes that the payment is ours. Do not forget that transfers between accounts of different banks are not settled, usually on the same day, so we will have to keep this in mind.
In cash through the bank window or through a cashier
We will have to know the account number in which the payment has to be entered and, in addition, enter in the concept the data that the loan company gives us so that we can know that the income we have made. Likewise, we must keep the proof that the bank gives us safe, so, in case of problems, we will be able to prove to the entity that we actually returned the borrowed money at the opportune date.
Card payment
As if it were an online purchase we can also reimburse the instant mini-credit by paying online with our card. We have two options to pay the credit card: either we give the plastic data to the company at the time of making the request and we authorize that on the stipulated date the amount of the mini credit plus the fees are charged, or we access to the virtual gateway that the company will have on its website and we will make the payment from there.
Direct payment
It is a more common option in larger personal loans. It consists of requesting the financing company that on the date stipulated in the contract issue a receipt against our account so that the balance is automatically deducted and we do not have to worry about making the payment. It is the same as paying the gas or telephone bill, which is automatically charged to a bank account each month.
Not all companies accept the same ways to return the mini credit that we have requested. Normally, at the time of requesting the product, they will already indicate how we can return it. Even in the web of the lenders, before starting any process, it can be consulted.
Documentation needed to request urgent mini loans

If we want to process the request as quickly as possible, it is advisable to have all the documentation to be handy and ready to be shown in order to demonstrate that the access requirements demanded by the lenders are met. The documents that we will have to deliver will vary depending on the company that we turn to, although in most cases we will have to provide, at least, the following papers:
• National identity document, NIE or passport: it will be necessary to accompany the credit application with a scanned image or a photograph of the national identity document, the NIE or the passport. The financing company will use this document to verify that we are really the person we have talked about in the form, that we have passed the age of majority and that we have set our residence in Spain.
• Proof of income: we will have to present a document that shows that we receive a regular and sufficient income. It does not have to be a payroll, we can also present a pension, an unemployment benefit, a scholarship … as long as we receive it constantly and it is enough to be able to repay the debt.
• Bank statement: thanks to the bank statement of the usual account, the lender can assess how we manage our income, if we spend more than what we enter, etc. This document has another utility for the lender: it helps you to know that the current account to which you are going to send the requested mini-credit money really belongs to the person who made the request.
In addition to these data, we must provide the number of a bank account in which we want to receive the money. Before presenting the necessary documents, we have to make sure that they are up to date, that the information that is collected in them is correct and that they are perfectly legible by the company. If this is not the case, the lender will reject our application, we will have to start over the whole process and, consequently, we will take more time to receive the money. Now we can also find lenders who work with identity verification applications, such as Instator or Pich, for which it is possible to access mini loans only with the DNI. These applications work collecting data from our online banking application to communicate them to the lender.
What options do I have to get mini credits?

Enjoying some extra money through instant mini credits is relatively simple. The conditions that often require companies that market these products tend to be less stringent than those required by banks, but also have to comply with minimum requirements to qualify for financing.
5 purposes of the mini urgent loans
Before applying for a mini-credit it is important that we understand its operation, be clear about its price and how much will be the total amount to be returned, as well as the consequences of not paying. That is, we must assess in depth if we really need it. The mini-loans are quick to solve specific problems of liquidity. Here we list several situations in which immediate mini loans can be a good solution:
Avoid a bank discovery
“Stay in the red” can be very expensive, not so much for the interest (do not forget that an overdraft is a loan that the bank makes us having more money than we had in the account), but for commissions. For example, a short of 50 euros for 7 days can bring us a whopping of almost 50 euros (adding the uncovered commission, which will probably be about 4 euros, the commission for debit position claim, about 35 euros, and the interests of the discovered, which in total adds up to almost 40 euros). However, we can get immediate mini-credits of 50 euros to be returned in a week at a cost of between 4 euros and 15 euros, much less than the price of the overdraft.
Mini-loans for unexpected events
An immediate mini loan can be very useful to face unforeseen events that require a fast disbursement. In this category, we could include eventualities such as, for example, a breakdown of the car we usually use, a receipt for gas that has shot above normal, an offer with days counted whose benefit is greater than the cost of the mini credit, etc.
Shopping in peak seasons
Minicréditos immediate can be useful in those times when there is a consumption much higher than usual and fast money is needed to pay for day-to-day expenses such as return to school or Christmas. Keep in mind that these products should not be used for day-to-day purchases, only for those that are urgent and that is too bulky.
Mini credits for medical emergencies
Health treatments that are not covered by the Spanish Social Security system. For example, a visit to the private dentist, which is where most people go, usually has a high cost that not everyone can pay, especially if the treatment is complex and requires several visits. The immediate mini-loans allow you to get liquidity quickly to finance treatments such as visiting a dentist.
Pay traffic fines as soon as possible
Traffic tickets are cheaper if they are paid before some time passes. We can come up with a mini loan instantly when we have to pay a traffic ticket and we want to take advantage of the 50% discount for early payment but we do not have enough liquidity. In that case, it will be cheaper for us to pay the sanction with an immediate mini credit, taking advantage of the half-price reduction than letting that offer expire and paying double with money from our own pocket.
Whatever the purpose of our request, we must not forget that, in addition to having a high cost, should be returned very quickly, so they should only be requested to deal with situations that require money urgently and never as a usual means to finance yourself
Are the mini-credit companies immediate?
With the proliferation of companies that work with mini-credits, other fraudulent societies have appeared that seek to take advantage of the urgent need for money to carry out criminal activities. Therefore, whenever we are going to request any financing, we must take into account the following aspects that we developed in the video to corroborate that we are facing a secure company:
Taking into account the aspects explained in the video we will make sure that the company with whom we are making the request is legitimate. In addition, we can resort to opinions forums of real users. In this way, we can corroborate with the experience of others, if the mini-credit company that we have chosen is safe. Finally, whenever we have any suspicion about the legality of the company that we have chosen the best option is to stop the request and not retake it until you are sure that the entity is completely legal.

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