Author: Juan Acuff

So easy to get a installment loan rescheduling

0 Comments August 11, 2019

A new installment loan is, with the rescheduling, the way to new financial margins. Rescheduling can have many good reasons. The adaptation of financial resources to a changed life situation is probably the most common reason. But even loans that are tied to a high final installment can be the trigger. The merger of different […]

Far from everyone compares interest rates on mortgages

0 Comments August 9, 2019

Here on the site, we often talk about the importance of comparing interest rates on mortgages before applying for a loan. However, it is really far from everyone doing this. A survey conducted by Fiso on behalf of SBAB shows that only 49% compare interest rates. What is even more alarming is that low-income earners […]

Works: one in five co-owners finance on credit

0 Comments August 8, 2019

According to a recent study by Fontier, living in condominiums is still popular with residents. In old properties, a large part of the renovation operations is financed by the credit works of the co-owners. The main lines of the study on condominiums On the occasion of the Salon de la Condominium, which took place on […]

The spouse is responsible for the loan – Mortgages and loans

0 Comments July 18, 2019

Mortgages are usually borrowed a large sum, with a repayment period of up to 20-30 years, and the best collateral for the bank is mortgage. The property is the joint property of the spouses and therefore it is easiest to establish a mortgage on it securing the loan taken by both. Personal property Before the […]

Consumer Credit: The Important Changes in the Second Half Of 2016

0 Comments July 16, 2019

Despite the 5.7% increase in consumer credit outstandings in July, they are down slightly from May and June when they were 5.9%. However, these outstandings have been rising steadily since 2016, although with declining sectors. “Traditional” consumer loans, LOA, financing of works, Café du Patrimoine presents you with an overview of various consumer loans. Consumer […]

Cancel your insurance loan at any time, soon a reality?

0 Comments July 2, 2019

Does the borrower insurance fall under the insurance code or the consumer code? To this question, the court of appeal of Bordeaux decided on March 23 in favor of the first. A decision that, if it is a precedent, could upset the market. Loan insurance? Little reminder. Almost required by all banks when signing a […]

Where is the best way to apply for a loan without certificates for companies?

0 Comments July 1, 2019

  Running your own business is primarily satisfaction, but you must not forget that it is also a big challenge. In a situation where we have plans for expenses related to, for example, expanding employment or investing our company, we often consider options related to credit without certificates. However, there is a perception that loans […]

Mortgage Loan Rate: The drop is over

0 Comments June 25, 2019

    November 2016: the movement of lower mortgage rates is coming to an end. The latest bank rates still show record mortgage rates. This situation is therefore ideal for borrowing . However, the declines announced each month are over. Indeed, this month we no longer note downturns on the minimum rates (those granted to […]

What is the role of a credit broker?

0 Comments June 16, 2019

As in the field of finance or insurance, the purchase of credits is a sector that offers many online research. Among them, that of the best broker possible, but still it is necessary to know to identify it and to know on which criteria to be based. But before that it is important to know […]

Real estate purchase – with or without a loan?

0 Comments June 13, 2019

  The most popular real estate service in our country, based on research  published a report on preferences and satisfaction with buying an apartment on the primary market. A group of 513 adult residents of new housing estates / investments that were created in the last 2 years in the five largest cities in Poland: […]